Saturday, May 25, 2013


1. There is a street in Brooklyn that crosses Atlantic Avenue called "Hendrix Street" which is pretty badass.  It is not full of butterflies and zebras or castles made of sand or purple hazes, at least not yet.  Perhaps someday, someday soon.

2. When flying from the States through Heathrow airport to another destination or through Heathrow back to the States, be sure to arrange for a 2-3 hour layover.  I had to take a bus or a tram to switch terminals, run/speed walk long corridors, go through a security check, have someone inspect my passport, my boarding pass or get a boarding pass issued.  I made it.  But I was winded, sweaty and more than a little anxious.  I did not get to get snacks or a bottle or water or go through any of my usual travel rituals.

3. Is it just me or does the movie Wreck It Ralph seem like something cooked up by a bunch of 40-something stoners?  That being said, it was extremely enjoyable.

3. I finally saw Les Mis.  It's possible that Russel Crowe and the person who cast him should both be horse whipped.  Wolverine's performance was uneven but very passable.  The music is just so good, it makes up for a lot.  Amanda Seyfried sang really high.  Whoof.  Cosette is a tough role, in that her role is to be the object of love and devotion.  She doesn't have an awesome song of her own once she is grown up and she is never allowed to express much in the way of meaningful emotion or personality once she is grown up.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter did a fine job.

Anne Hathaway TORE IT UP.    Wow.  The shots from the trailer for the movie were amazing but the extended section that is in the movie is intense.  I can't believe that she could sing like that while crying.  I actually hope that the actual sound on the film set was not what was used in the soundtrack. Because if not, it makes me ill to think of how much vocal control she had while singing.  Makes the whole movie worth it.

My friends have massive crushes on Eddie Redmayne.  But I've got it for Aaron Tveit who looks mighty fine with longer hair.

It kinda bothered me that everyone had a British accent.  If they can't have French accents, the very least they could do is come up with something not British to say.

As I watched Russell and Wolverine wail at each other, I kind thought, I would really like to see an all African American cast perform Les Mis.  I think because I would love to watch an all black cast sing "Red and Black" and "Do You Hear the People Sing."


MomVee said...

1. When you're on this street, can you kiss the sky?

3. I gained a lot of respect for Amanda Seyfried.

Aaron Tveit is HAWT but I Eddie Redmayne is just adorbs.

ergo said...

MV - On Hendrix street, I can only imagine that the sky kisses you back there.