Saturday, May 25, 2013


1.  People have been asking me what my type is.  I used to think that it was boys on bicycles, physics majors, tall blonde guys, bass players, short muscular stocky dudes.  Today, I think it might be Irish-Jewish guys.  So if you know any between the ages of 28 and 48, send them my way.

2. Day drinking is so painful.  How ever did I manage to survive it all this time?  And how did day drinking go from being a secret shame to the hot social thing to do.

3. I saw the Cirque du Soleil show, Totem.  My very first Cirque du Soleil show ever. WOW.  They had a human disco ball.  It is inspiring to see what a human can accomplish.  Magical and impossible things.  You have to see it so that you can believe it.

4. I am encountering menfolk of late who refuse to use soap, shampoo or deodorant.  They think that personal hygiene products are a scam.  They trust in the natural oils that their bodies produce.  They think that said personal hygiene products smell weird and artificial like plastic.  I wish they would reconsider so that I could stop holding a perfumed handkerchief to my face.

5.  People keep asking me if I am still making music.  I am not.  I'm not exactly sure why.  But I am completely blocked.  I've been trying to articulate why to myself and to other people and can't come up with anything.  I don't know why I have not.  Perhaps because I am unhappy in love.  But that does not make sense.  Firstly, I am not in love.  Secondly, it used to be that when I was unhappy in love, it was excellent motivation for making music.  Not avoiding it.

6. I went to a reading of novelizations.  If you don't know, a novelization is a book that is created based on a movie that was not based on a book.  I have not read a novelization in a very long time.  But I remember reading a handful of them as a kid.  Fame, Pretty in Pink, and my absolute favorite, Desperately Seeking Susan.  I actually count the novelization of Desperately Seeking Susan (by Susan Dworkin) to be at least as central to my formative years as Pride and Prejudice, the TV show Fame, and the movies: Singin' in the Rain and Meet Me in St. Louis.

The readings were done in a highly dramatic and hilariously mocking style.  The organizers described the audience for such books to be for people who were too poor to be able to buy a VCR, who didn't have cable TV.  They forgot one extremely important demographic.  Teenagers who were too young to get in to see rated R movies.

7. Wearing an corduroy A line dress in chilly, windy weather without tights will give you a sense of what it would be like to walk around half naked, because you are, literally, walking around not wearing pants.


MomVee said...

I was a devotee of the Fotonovel (TM). I had Grease and Ice Castles. A way to revisit movies when VHS tapes cost close to $100 a pop.

I was so proud when I saw "Desperately Seeking Susan" and I recognized a store on St. Mark's Place. I also remember how bewildered my mother and her friend who brought me to the movie were.

These lists make me miss you terribly. Are you visiting Supersecret College next weekend?

ergo said...

I wish I had heard of the Fotonovel back in the day. Those sound awesome!

I forgot the other amazing novelization, Benji. So good, and written in many places from the perspective of the dog.

I had not planned to go to this year's reunion. I always consider it on the off years but never plan enough ahead to actually make it.