Thursday, May 02, 2013

Both human but not the same sort of animal

The quote was "I was already drunk before I met you."

He may have assumed that this was said by me as a prelude to sleeping with someone new.  He replied with his own quote: "Most people start new sexual relationships while they're completely drunk. But you wouldn't shop for a toaster that way."

If that was his assumption, he was mistaken.  It was a comment made by a very charming new acquaintance met at a very enjoyable dinner outing.

My reply was that I would probably have bought a much prettier and nicer toaster had I bought my toaster while drunk.

I did not say, "If you are suggesting that something lurid happened, enough with your stupid, insulting assumptions and insinuations, you judgmental ill-informed prick."

When I finally build that time machine, I will be ever so busy.

Besides which, were it not for drunken sex, some of us would have no sex at all.  I suspect that human race would have gone extinct eons ago.

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