Wednesday, September 06, 2006

You-hoo-hoo, honey

I have met the man of my dreams.

Unfortunately, he's a fictional character in a movie.

I saw "Snakes on a Muthafuckin' Plane" today. Dr. Steven Price, specialist in poisonous snakes, is my favorite depiction of a scientist on screen. Way better than Buckaroo Bonsai. And way way cuter

le *sigh*

Someone tell Todd Louiso that he needs to call me.

(if you can identify the song quote in the title, you are a woman of a certain age.)


MomVee said...

Didn't Todd Louiso also play the sensitive, Belle and Sebastian-loving record store clerk in "High Fidelity"? Clearly a man worth stalking.

Oh, also, "You're the One that I Want."

ldbug said...

I'll tell him, the next time we're 'hangin'

Sooo glad you saw Snakes on a Plane! I was worried about being involved in that one;-)

ergo said...

momvee: Yes he did! *double swoon*
You get points for quote identity. I need to make up some stickers or something.

ldbug: Ah, but my crystal ball tells me that you might end up seeing it on DVD ... *evil laugh*