Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm gonna be 40. Someday.

I am trying to decide what to do for my birthday. A party is a possibility.

The upside: cake, ice cream, snacks, booze, friends, telling everyone that I am now 7 years older than CE.
The downside: the distinct possibility that no one will come to my party, cleaning up, experiencing a heightened awareness of my mortality and the aimlessness of my life in front of other people, and keeping everyone entertained.

Party, no party - that is the question.


Lever said...

Ah, do it... you've got plenty of time to plan it, right? ;)

Do it somewhere that you relinquishall responsibility for anything & everything apart form getting drunk and having a good time :)

MomVee said...

CE can stop time? Is that one of those things that's super cheap in Beijing?

ergo said...

lever: now I have less than plenty of time to plan it. heh. for me that's typical.

momvee: It's kind of brilliant, really. I think she brought offerings to a temple on the outskirts of town or something.

Kat E said...

I will totally come to your party (assuming it's in NY?), help you get drunk, and help clean up. How's that? Also, there is no way you are going to be 40. You still look about 26 to me.

MomVee said...

Oh, also? "When Harry Met Sally." See, even when you don't ask, I can answer.

ergo said...

kat e: now we need a new occassion to drink, I think.

momvee: You rock!