Sunday, September 24, 2006


The RM (ldbug) and I did not go to the Monster Truck Rally this weekend. I'm not sure they do that kind of thing around here.

But unlike many other weekends we did things.

On Friday we went to the Metropolitan Museum, had a fancy meal, saw the Most Beautiful Young Man in the World (The whole room stopped what they were doing and turned to gawk), window shopped on Madison Ave, and had a shared celebrity sighting on the streets of NYC.

Elizabeth Berkeley (image from somewhere

My first was in the subway station on the way to work:

Michael Ian Black (image from somewhere on

On Saturday we went to Target. What can I say, old shopping habits die hard. It was a million mile walk by lots of charming little stores full of clever knickknacks and expensive whatnots. The Brooklyn Flatbush Target is two stories. It is familiar yet foreign. To get from one story to the other there is a people escalator and a shopping cart escalator. A shopping cart escalator. ldbug and I were befuddled as it was broken. And then astounded once they got it running. Your cart of goodies gets hoisted up an incline without a single precious item falling out.

Yes, we spent a ton of money and we had to lug all that stuff back a million miles.

We were originally going to go to the Bronx Zoo sometime this weekend but considering we are still up goofing around online and such we might not make it this weekend.

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