Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What PBS told me last weekend

-The polar bear is not doing so well. According to the nature program bears apparently have a very long memory for what to eat, where to eat it and when it is available. And this knowledge is passed on from mother to cub. Grizzly bears know about salmon, and eating berries, and shellfish and squirrels because they learn from their moms. Polar bear moms and cubs take advantage of what they can in new environments, but so far, miss out on lots of food because they have no one to show them what to eat.

-The State of Texas now has a $50 lotto scratch game which is proving to be an extremely effective way to tap into the meager earnings of their poor and their people on welfare. It's working so well that they are talking about putting out a $100 lotto scratch game. Who needs taxes?

-Mining companies are lousy about safety regulations and protecting their workers and many of the mining deaths that we heard of and don't hear of didn't have to happen.

-We have a $9 trillion Federal debt. Maybe we should all get a second job.

-Over half of Americans don't believe in evolution.

-Freelancers get screwed out of small amounts of money. Client will refuse to pay figuring that the freelancer cannot afford the legal proceedings required to collect that $200.

-If you are a Freelancer in some states you can join the Freelancers Union and get Health, Dental, Disability, and Term Life Insurance.

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