Saturday, January 12, 2008

Synonym for happiness

I realized that my life is lacking in a certain bounce of late.
In an effort to remedy this I bought a Hall & Oates Greatest Hits collection.

"I see you, you see me
Watch you blowing the lines
when you're making a scene
Oh girl" - Hall & Oates "Private Eyes"

Paul Young had a single in the 80's called "Every Time You Go Away" which I always assumed was a cover of an old time Motown R&B hit. I knew that Hall & Oates also did a version of the song. I did not know that Darryl Hall had actually written the song! And I am very much impressed to discover this fact.

If only Marvin Gaye had recorded a version of it, it would have been the soundtrack to many many couples falling in love (and many more getting busy).

*edit: for those of you who seek actual synonyms, I did a second post.*


MomVee said...

Poor Paul Young. He opened for Genesis at Giants Stadium in May of 1988 and my friends and I parodied his hit: "we wish you would go away." So hard to be an opening act.

I love Hall and Oates. I think "One On One" is my favorite.

Kat E said...

J and I are big fans of H&O. We went to see them in concert last year (and they do put on a tremendous show, I must say), but I was surprised that we were definitely among the youngest people in attendance...