Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feet on the ground

On leaving Splash this evening I hugged CK and started to weave home. CK and WC asked if I was okay to which I replied that I was and promptly tripped on the hem of my floor length skirt and fell.

For whatever reason as I picked myself up and continued on my way, I felt pretty good about it. After any fall you get back up and carry on. Mostly, falling is not so bad as you fear it will be. Mostly, falling is not so bad that you cannot recover.

I find this prospect very cheering.

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C-Belle said...

When on horseback and I know I'm about to fall or be thrown, I usually try to aim for the nice soft pile of dirt and avoid the nice soft pile of horse droppings. Falling is not so bad when I do that successfully. Sucks when I miss.