Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"don't know much about geography"

If one was to give you a blank map with the outline of a continent, would you be able to place the states, cities, or countries correctly therein?

More importantly, if you met a person who could, would you buy him/her drinks? Is knowledge of geography sexy?

Behold, I come bearing geography games (via Daily Candy).

50 States of the USA
Harder version of the same game
US State Capitals

Countries in Africa

Countries in Europe

Countries in the Middle East and South Asia

Educational games are so not fun. But these games in their ability to showcase my ignorance drive me to play again and again in the hopes that with practice and repetition, I will progress up that learning curve.

I sit and mutter to myself about how Ethiopia and Eritrea are in the Northeast while Mali is in the Northwest and how difficult it is to locate Lesotho before placing South Africa.

They don't seem to have a game for South America, Canada, or the rest of Asia. Yet.
But when they do, I will be muttering in front of them as well.

Like Sam Cooke, "I don't claim to be an "A" student" but I'd like to know some basic things about this crazy world.

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