Monday, August 27, 2007

She wikipeed on me. It was way cool.

KS and I were discussing the transition Google made from being a proper name to a verb. Somehow the word lends itself well to being made a verb. From there it occurred to us that lots of people use other website but these sites don't have names that become verbs. When's the last time you yahooed anything? Or hotmailed to your hearts content?

The site that we felt might be worthy of becoming a verb was wikipedia. The problem is that this word does not immediatly lend it self to a verb-like conjugation in the english language. So we came up the word wikipee - a verb meaning to look soemthing up on wikipedia.

Example: I can't chat with you, Ze. I am wikipeeing the word "microfinance."

Exmaple: Can't remember Godel's Theorem? You could wikipee it.

Exmaple: I am so tired. I started wikipeeing the history of the pencil last night and I couldn't stop.

We also thought a second usage of the verb wikipee would be to create or ad to an entry on wikipedia.

Example: Someone wikipeed on Rick Johnson, professional musician. There was some discussion as to whether it was appropriate to wikipee on him. Some in the community feared that his entry was trivia. I haven't wikipeed him lately to see if the entry still exists. Must put that on my do to list for tomorrow.

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Casiopea said...

But doesn't it sound as if you were "peeing" in a strange way?