Thursday, November 10, 2005

trapped under something heavy

It's an excellent explanation for not returning someone's phone calls. The phone is very heavy, covered in super sharp spikes and locked in a box filled with pit vipers (very poisonous) and the box is surrounded by laserbeams which if triggered will slice you into deli cheese.

Nah. That's probably not it at all.

I went to, there are no meatballs. Just a memorial to cats now passed.

I went to where there are 12 short films that feature muffins. Adorable.

And if knitting is your thang, has the most charming goth craft antifesto imaginable.

Favorite passage: "We're strange girls, tactless and profane in the face of the sacred, obsessed with mortality and the things you find under flesh and over bone." And they have advice on knitting with wire instead of yarn. (link ganked from squeakyweasels)

I finished my leg warmers they are super long and not all that attractive. But they are super warm. Photo to be added soon. My next project is kitty hats in super thick yarn. I am trying to be a good knitter and checking the gauge and what not for a change. Someday I will gather the courage to tackle a sweater. For now, I will stick to the littler projects.


Sassy said...

Whew! Did you just use the word "guage". Like, holy crap girl, can I get me some of your kitty hats? I have two adorable cats that would definitely appreciate such an addition to their everyday wear - which consists of just plain old fur.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm always super impressed by people who start knitting something and actually finish it, and wear it!

Sassy said...

Oh I'm a dumbass. I just clicked on the kitty hat link and realized that your hats aren't for cats.....they're for people...

Oh well. I'm sure it'll look even better on you, the cats probably wouldn't have liked them anyways.

ergo said...

anna: It's my bad for not being more clear. Many apologies. =)
Truth be told I have tried to get the kitties to wear hats on many many occasions with no success at all.
Perhaps I should try to knit them leg warmers. It would be tough to get them on. But fun to watch them struggle to get them off again.
*evil grin*

Lever said...

LMAO, yeah but you could still knit kitty hats for kitties... LOL

Funny, my phone has similar qualities when those clients that want everything for nothing and don't put pay-checks in the post need to get in touch urgently... Needing to eat and pay the bills is urgent too, so until I see $$$ the lasers around the phone stay ON.

Nice bit of surfing you been doing :)

searchingforMrDarcy said...

i thought the hats were for your cats too. Instead you get a scary looking mannequin. Oh I can just imagine the pissed looks on your cats with leg warmers.

very funny about the pit vipers.

ergo said...

Lever: the best kitty hats for kitties would need knitted ears and holes for the actual ears to stick out sort of a four eared kitty effect.

Glad to know that others have perilous phone issues.

I hope to graduate up to surfing off the web and on the water someday.

SFMD: Got to see a bunch of pit vipers at the Zoo the other day. Sssssssss.