Saturday, November 05, 2005

Things to love

1. New Yorkers

Domystic turned me on to this site.

"Hobo #1: You know what, man?
Hobo #2: What's up?
Hobo #1: Yo, I balls out love opera.
--Houston & 1st"

"Guy #2: I have officially fired you from talking.
--Starbucks, 8th Avenue & 15th Street"

"Lady patient: Yeah, I always hear them calling my name to go back to my room, but I don't ever go.
Guy patient: That's cool. I should do that, too.
--NYU Medical Center, 1st Avenue"

2. the livejournal writing of people who know they should be writing a novel

I went to a few nanowrimo communities and clicked on their friends list. Which offered up what their member are writing in their own journals about their writing. Great stuff.

3. Dibs

dibs le box

Tiny dabs of ice cream that are covered in chocolate and in this case nestle crunches. Each one is a delight, a chocolately bite with a sweet shiver of ice cream at its center. *bliss*

There are other flavors. I impatiently await peanut butter ice cream covered in nestle crunches. And chocolate ice cream covered in chocolate with oreo crumbs in it.


I have only recently heard about this. The idea is to register a book at the website it is labelled and then set it free. You leave it for someone to pick up or give it to someone you know or donate it. The idea is that whoever has the book can go to the website and report where it is and find out where it has been and after reading the book or after not reading it, set the book free again to continue its travels.


Lever said...

From September...

Man: hat the fuck? Is this thing supposed to be green?

--Penn Station men's room


Oh, and you've made me want ice cream for lunch...

ergo said...

Ice cream for lunch, Yum.

When I grow up I want to overhear in NY.