Friday, October 21, 2005

a little of life's minutiae

Sometimes it takes forever to get a thing done. I had three tasks to contend with:
1. return overdue books and CD to the library and pay fines. *done*
2. take pet registration form to the vet to get it filled out and signed. *done*
3. Close bank account with BI.

I went to the bank and the sign said that the tellers were not open until 9am but the drive up window opened at 8am.

Okay. It's 8:30am, I'll go thru the drive up. The young lady tells me that account closings cannot be done by drive up. And can't be done for the next 20 minutes.

Okay. Y'know I'm kind of hungry. Ah, yes. I'll get biscuits and gravy at the Schnucks Deli. I remember seeing the signs about it. I am just never awake at the right time. Until now. So I go over and can't find the sign. And it seems that there are no biscuits and gravy. I guess it didn't catch on as big as the manager had hoped.

Okay. Maybe what I need is some bread or an apple danish. I'll go over to Mirabel's and get something. On arrival I find that they have no baguette. They have no apple danish.

Okay. Cheese Danish it is.
Now it's 9am. So I go back to the bank and they tell me that they need to see my ID. I open my wallet and it is not there!

Okay. After a moment's panic and recollection ... ah yes. I must have left it at the saloon after dinner and a few very sad rounds of pool. (My Guy did okay. I was pretty unfortunately.)

Okay. The saloon, of course is not open right now. And there is no sign to indicate when they open. I will assume around 11am or 11:30am.

And driving back to our friends home I feel a little frustrated. That last task is sitting there mocking me. A thing that I have put off for so long but I was finally going to take care of is delayed until the saloon opens. I walk into the kitchen, pour myself a glass of water and can't find my cheese danish.

I walk around and around the house. I walk out to the car. I have six okays, a task undone, and no cheese danish.

And if I am going to get my undies in a twist over this, it is clearly time for an attitude adjustment. To every moment in life there is a Bright Side, right? So let me enumerate them here.


I am not living in Darfur.

Standing six okays from resolution is pretty good.

Hoagie let me rub his belly today.

I don't really need to be eating cheese danish. Let the universe have its fair share of the sweets.

Urbanana is a small town. So all that running around happened in a five block radius and didn't really take that long at all.

This is not a time sensitive task. It can wait until later. Until after the saloon opens.

It is good for me to realize that I do not have ID in my possession right now, right here. So that I can fetch it before I get denied access to a show, a club, or a bar, before I get stuck at the market unable to by bottles of hooch, before I order drinks with friends and then have to face the big deny, before I get on a plane, before I get pulled over and have to explain to Msr. Gendarme that mon ID n'est pas avec moi and is infact at the Saloon miles away in Urbanana, IL.

On turning this situation inside out I can see that this has actually worked out pretty well. I will get my ID back without putting in another six hour (roundtrip) drive.

(I've been reading some pretty heavy posts about the tough times that some of y'all have been through and some of you are going through. I am in awe of your courage and applaud your strength and the way you get through it while remaining the delightful and marvelous people you are.)

My life in contrast is just ridiculous.

Oh and look, here's my cheese danish nestled in my backpack where I placed it after purchase.
Do excuse me.


fishlamp said...

Ah... life.

ergo said...

fishlamp: Yeah, it's grand, eh?

Update -
So I went over to the saloon around 2pm and was told that my ID was probably in the upper office which could only be opened by the manager who went home to take a nap and wouldn't be back until 6pm.

Okay. So, I guess I'll be twiddling my thumbs until them. Maybe I'll get another cheese danish.

BeckyBumbleFuck said...

I *HEART* cheese danish. I think I'm gonna get that on a shirt, I feel so strongly about it.

ergo said...

To *heart* with great conviction is what it's all about, right? =)

I am happy to report that that account has been closed. I am unhappy to report that my new back will not let me access any of that money for 9 business days. =P