Thursday, October 11, 2012

Me, Getting Bitchier by the Minute

I used to have a lot of ideas.  I was and am in love with ideas.

But I now see that having an idea and finding a way to make it happen are two very different things.

The theory is of limited help in the execution.  The execution is the hard part.  You get smacked in the face by reality and the unexpected and unanticipated all the time.

Sometimes you can focus on the big things and let the little ones slide.  The itty bitty gritty details.  Some details are your preference, your ego, your attachment to, or your neurosis about what you are doing.  They are a flourish that does not actual progress your plan.  The sooner you let go of them or determine the sufficient benchmark, the better.

But often very small things, minor things that seem hardly to matter can undo and derail you.  Bring your work to a screeching halt.  It's not always clear how to distinguish the two types of details - how to identify the priority, outside of error and accident.

You can't watch everything.  You can't watch everyone.  You can't do everything.  You can't anticipate everything.  Still, the more of the operational, progressing stuff that you can nail down, the more energy and attention you will have to deal with the unexpected shit that comes flying at you fast and furious.  You can focus on what is necessary.

If the shit does not fly, so much the better.  You can relax and enjoy.

When things do go askew, I do not give two shits whose fault it is.  That is a waste time, energy and emotion.  Time, energy and emotion better spent fixing it/solving it.

Identifying blame is insufficient to the action of the moment and, hey, shit happens, there are inevitable slips and glitches.  The effort spent covering your ass and not pitching in, speaks volumes.

If the problem is recurrent or of a significant severity, it could be an indication of a deeper underlying issue that needs to be addressed there might be the need for an explanation and understanding of what happened as a first step towards either solving the problem or readjusting your approach.  If it is a sign that the whole project is irretrievably flawed, it is worth discussing whether to abandon it.

But in the moment, with the task at hand, let's set that and any accompanying emotion aside and just get the damn thing done.


MomVee said...

So, we were recently at the Smithsonian and outside the Castle there is a big billboard with the title "Seriously Amazing" and questions such as, "What can mimic a bug or whack you in the face to get what it wants"

And now I know the answer: reality.

ergo said...

LANA (Laughing and nodding in agreement)