Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy to Make Your Acquaintance

I think I have finally gotten enough sleep.  I am giddy for some unknown reason.  I cannot explain it.  I woke up thinking that I really like the people who I know.

I tried to put on a face of makeup and probably look like a pink faced clown.  I had a bowl of cereal and brought snacks to work.

The sun is shining.  I am planning to spend too much money on lunch.  I am unable to write or speak coherently and I am slightly obsessed with the cheesy Daniel Powter song "Had a Bad Day."  which one would think would make me gloomy but it does not.

It's not even noon yet.  So things could turn.  But it's been a while.  So it seems like this inexplicable moment deserved a post.

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