Thursday, June 04, 2009

making a mix

The beauty of having friends in their 20's is the clever applications that they quickly pick up and take for granted as an integral part of their lives. Awesome applications that I am the last to encounter, discovered from passing mention. Most of the modern world would have gone unnoticed, completely glossed over without them.

Recently mentioned in passing by the Amazing AM:

It's a site where you can create playlists of songs.



JustArikia said...

Glad you like 8tracks! You should add me as a friend on there! I have a sweet mix for ScienceBloggers!


JustArikia said...

Wow and that is two-too many exclamation marks.

ergo said...

I am starting to think that we need a new punctuation mark that indicates greater excitement and enthusiasm than the exclamation point. Like the exclamation point with a punch on the arm.