Thursday, June 04, 2009

Big big bowls

Met up with CK and JK yesterday at Shanghai Mong for some noodles.

CK and I were so hungry that we greeted each other in this way:


and then proceeded to chow on a bunch of kimchi and daikon while discussing the fact that we were so hungry that we feared that we were metabolizing our internal organs while sitting at the table.

When JK joined us, it got slightly more social, but only slightly. Appropriately girly topics of conversation were introduced that I scarcely followed while shoveling and slurping the Chajang myun and Cham Pong. Not lady-like but primal and deeply satisfying. I was hunched over my bowl a little to intently to notice whether I was the only one.


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C-Belle said...

Did you say something? I was too busy eating to pay attention.