Saturday, May 02, 2009

The whine, the wine

A sign of hard times: I have been bringing cheaper and cheaper wines over to CK's place.

Of late we have sampled:
Chateau Diana: "soda pop with alcohol in it"
Two Oceans: "the swill that tastes like the sea"
GatoNegro: "The black cat on the label is very cute"
Frontera - "Wince-worthy"

Today I brought a very large bottle of Folonari which is chilling in the freezer as yet unopened. The anticipation is killing me. I would have bought a box wine but I have yet to find a reputable vendor in the city who carries them. Oh Franzia, what is my life without you?

My liver is about to secede. Perhaps this is a false economy and CK and I would be better served attempting to ferment and distill our own booze in her bathtub.



With the economy in such a state and the TAX on alcohol at over $20 a gallon, it is not hard to see why products taste like soda or even worse salty crap.

Anonymous said...

Chateau Diana is criminal though...