Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two word dialogues in the future

I watched the movie "Wall-E" this past weekend. For most of the movie two words are repeated "Eeeeeeva" and "Wall-eeeee" apparently with gestures, posture, and changes in "facial expression" by which I mean the shape and position of the "eyes" (with robots) volumes and volumes can be expressed and communicated.

It turns out that CK is right - language is one part of the process of communication. But it's not everything.

It's a delightful movie. There were moments where the cynic in me would start tapping on my shoulder and pointing at the screen but then the movie would shift and all was good again.

How strange to have a digitally animated robot remind me that love is more than a feeling. Love is a verb. To love is to pay attention, to support, to sustain, to listen, to understand, to protect. Love is devotion. Yeah, and all that jazz. But there is it.

And if ever you are attacked by robots, play them the soundtrack from "Hello Dolly." They seem to like that pretty well.


C-Belle said...

Who DOESN'T love "Hello Dolly"?

ergo said...

Axe murderers don't love "Hello Dolly." Well ... many of them don't.