Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pi to thirteen places

Yesterday, I told the LYM that my favorite Stooge was Moe. It's an appalling thing to admit. I have never been proud of this fact. Especially with my lingering suspicion that everyone else's favorite Stooge is Curly. But there it is.

I consider this to be a flaw in my character because, Moe was mean. Moe was a bully. Always pissed off, always hitting or slapping someone, taking joy from cracking someone on the head with a hammer or a mallet. But I always felt bad for Moe. Moe had ambition. Moe had a plan, something that he was trying to accomplish or some catastrophe that he was trying to prevent and there he was, surrounded by Stooges. How could he get anything accomplished under these conditions?

Though I, like everyone who's seen them, have a favorite Stooge, as a child I never liked the Three Stooges. (How can you not have a favorite Stooge?) All that violence and nonsense never appealed to me. I never laughed at their antics. I never thought that they were funny.

And then yesterday, during this conversation the LYM pulled up this movie on youtube.

And in watching it, I must share with you that I have crossed yet another barrier in my life. I actually laughed.

The lion hunter part just kills me. The timing is so sharp.

But you have to wonder, who on earth needs to have that many pies on hand for a dinner party?

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