Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Le Pew

For whatever reason the previous post reminded me of a quote from Pepe Le Pew:

"Ze moon! Ze June! Ze spoon! C'est l'amour!! C'est toujours!" - Pepe Le Pew

Which lead me to a forum with a thread devoted to Pepe Le Pew quotes.

Which in this day and age are pretty much an invitation to a great big sexual harrassment lawsuit or a restraining order. The key to such ardent wooing is the perception of the receiver and the ability of the wooer to correctly interpret his or her reception. What is romantic to a receptive party is harassment, stalking or at the very least an annoyance to the unreceptive.

Back in the day I felt so bad for the poor little kitty. But today in the moments in which I can stand back from the chase, I find these quotes to be pretty hilarious.

"Permit me to introduce myself. I am Pepe Le Pew, your lover."

"She want to play eet zee lover's chase. Eet ees the leetle girl in her. C'est l'amour."

*after getting clubbed by the cat* "The one in zee middle may remain. The rest of you.......... another day."

"Zee cabbage does not run away from zee corn-beef."

The oblivious confidence, the sunny love-drenched optimism, and the irrepressibleness of Pepe Le Pew are so charming on screen as an innocent, disinterested bystander.

But for the sake of my nearest and dearest, I think my advice would be to leave that crap to the cartoons and take all the hints that are given. Especially when she or he hits you over the head with a giant mallet.

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