Friday, May 02, 2008

There's something about you, that makes me sweat

How does that first spark feel, when you meet someone? Is it a tickle? A tingle? What does it sound like? A bell? A gong? A full orchestra with piano? The sound of a building crashing down?

When I was in high school, it was nausea. My stomach would drop. The more nauseous I was, the more I suffered, the more I liked the guy. SM made me super nauseous.

A couple of years ago it was trembling. The feeling of a quiver. With SE it was a total quiver.

During my first Mystechs tour I would light up like a lantern and smile really really big.
When I first really spoke with BE I did much the same.

And now? I heat up. I blush and sweat. Profusely. My glasses fog up. Happened over beers with B, happened the other day while talking to C and this evening it happened when I smiled at a guy on the train.

Online profiles don't make me sweat. This should be ideal. I could get to know someone without the embarassment and the flopsweat. But so far this process is sparkless.

So I might have to start running this spring and summer. That way when I meet hot men at the park it won't matter that I am blushing and sweating while chatting them up. They will think it's the run.

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