Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Starts and Stops - Seis de Mayo Resolutions

Last night was my first Cinco de Mayo outing. For whatever reason this is the first year that I have gotten around to it. And it was instructional.

I woke up today with a throbbing head and a queasy belly and a list of resolutions:

Start carrying more cash.
Stop hugging random strangers who are smoking outside of bars.
Start learning to calculate tip and what people owe while inebriated.
Stop using my "outside and trapped in a well" voice, outside at night in the city.
Start refusing free tequila shots from drink reps.
Stop drinking without food.
Start improving my pitcher pouring skills.
Stop sharing my intimate details with people who know those associated with them (the details that is).
Stop tipping cab drivers more than the fare to Brooklyn.

It was stupid, glorious and more than a little painful. Bad for the body yet somehow good for the soul.

Oh, and it turns out that when I talk to cute dudes while hungover, I don't sweat or blush. Of course, I am in too much pain to flirt, but hey, it's a start.


MomVee said...

Inebriated tip calculation is very, very hard.

marseillaise said...

my seis de mayo resolution: when i say i'm going home, go home. don't go to a different bar for another drink.

ldbug said...

Ha! Sounds like a great night out! No such luck here, I actually forgot about it:-( so sad.

So who's this cute guy???