Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I needs a brand new bag

I have been too moody to post. But it seems that this is where I am at right now so I might as well go with it.

With the chewing gum incident I have been using my alternate backpack and a teeny tiny bag in place of my purse.

Today the strap broke on my teeny tiny purse. So I am in a quest for the perfect purse. It needs to be light and sturdy. It needs to be big enough to fit:

Wallet, keys, cell phone, map of Manhattan, subway map, work ID, a pen, a book of matches, a minipad, and chapstick.

An even more perfect purse would also fit my datebook, ipod, a comb, 1-4 hairpins, a change purse, eyeliner and a tube of lipgloss.

And even more perfect it would also fit a book for the train, a peanut butter sandwich, a box of raisins, and perhaps even a light sweater.

Purses are a very big deal in this city. You seen all kinds of bags worn by all kinds of women here. With all the commuting I think some of us live out of our bags, at least during the work week (and sometimes on the weekend as well). Giving the term "bag lady" an slightly different spin.

Fashion statement, means to transport, additionally, a purse can be used to create a zone of personal space around you. That's what the really big bags are great for.

I discovered this for myself one day on a museum visit with a friendly young man. I was carrying a fabulous bag that the RM had given me for my birthday. A stylish, hip, and enormous green bag from Brooklyn Industries so large that I could carry what I have listed above in scenario three, a Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings, and a pony keg.

The friendly young man would move in close to me as we stood looking at this painting or that sculpture only to be thwarted by my bag. He would bump into it and I would step slightly to the side saying, "Oh. Excuse me."

Almost as good as wearing a hoop skirt with sensitive touch sensors all around it that triggers a very loud personal alarm. "Oh. Excuse me."

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Kat E said...

You are lucky to be in the one place where you can get a fabulous looking bag on the cheap. Have you been taken into the secret Chinatown knockoff designer purse rooms yet? It's something you must do at least once. Just follow the girls in the puffy black coats...