Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Green tubs roll on overhead tracks to the checkout counter

Have you ever been to B&H Photo Video?
I was there for the first time today. The battery for my camera died and I have been trying to get to the shop to buy a replacement since a little after Valentine's Day.

After many evenings of leaving work and rushing to the store only to find it closed (they close at 7pm), I made a point of going over on my lunch hour. The place is magical. It's an exercise in guided chaos and traffic control. Wow.

The folks that work went to great lengths to find me a less expensive alternative to the battery that I was trying to replace. The man behind the counter knew what camera I had just from my description of it, "I know that camera well," he said. And in the end they probably saved me over $30 dollars. When does that happen?

One of the young men working on the main floor even wanted to ask me on a date. (!)

I am no camera buff but if I was (or if ever I become one) this is probably the place where I would get my gear fix.

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Kat E said...

J and I buy most of our camera equipment from the B&H website. Glad to hear your in-person experience was just as good.