Sunday, July 30, 2006

5 things post

Five Things In My Freezer
1. Ice in tray
2. A very small box of strawberry ice-cream
3. A frozen bannana
4. Another frozen bannana
5. coffee flavored frozen yogurt
6. Dead body

Five Things In My Closet
1. shoes
2. hanging shoe holder
3. werk clothes
4. little black dress
5. sweaters
6. Skeleton

Five Things In My Car (when I had a car *sniff*)
1. Collapsable Sunshields
2. Ani DiFranco Album: Little Plastic Castle
3. Jumper cables
4. Terminator style wrap around sunglasses
5. Food Not Bombs fliers
6. Dead Body

Five Things In My Purse
1. two ATM cards
2. teeny tiny pen made in Japan
3. teeny tiny date book (no dates in it)
4. Illini Inn mug club card (chugged a beer faster than a dude. Yeah Baby!)
5. cellphone with busted 3 button and "back" button
6. Bunny Lebowski's pinky toe

Five people I'm tagging (who don't read this blog)
1. malcolm gladwell
2. Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
3. Julia Sweeney
4. Wil Wheaton
5. Wonkette
6. Einstein

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

got what in pocket?

The indie boy standing at the door in the # train was reading some kind of script and had a banana in his pocket.

I don't know who works on the floor below BS(TM) but whoever they are, their dress code must be extremely lax. The women who step off on that floor wear the coolest stuff: gold knit dresses, short shorts with madly designed blouses, giant hoop earrings and tank tops covered in rabbits. I am dying to know what they sell.

My folks are fine.

the mixology of others + shots

S is a friend of L's who is a friend of E's. And S has a passion for food and drink. He rhapsodized at length about his favorite doughnuts - the chocolate cake donut and the marble krueller. He also described two of his favorite mixed drinks. I think right now they lack names but perhaps soon I will come in and edit this post with names.

S's concoction #1 A Licorice Grin

Pernod (or sambuca if you have no pernod handy)
Club soda
a lemon wedge
on the rocks

squeeze the lemon into the rest and stir.
drop the lemon into the glass.

It's fan-fucking-tastic.

S's concoction #2

Brandy (the cheap cheap stuff)
OJ frozen concentrate (FrOJ)

mix the brandy and the FrOJ into a slurry
take some spoons of that and throw it into a glass with
Squirt (regular or ruby red)

This, I have not had but S says that you can drink it all night. Sounds dangerous but for now, we take him at his word.

He was speculating about swapping Limeade or Lemonade concentrate for the FrOJ. Any drink testers in the audience?

Added to all of this I wanted to mention

Tequila shots a la Kale

Take an orange slice (or a tangerine slice) and dust it with cinnamon
Shoot the tequila and finish with the cinnamon orange.

Kale said that such shots are done in Mexico. I can only say for myself that they are brilliant. They can be done without the cinnamon but are much better with. Done this way there is no after taste. You won't even remember that you had a tequila shot

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

a little dab'll have to do

Today in yoga C said: "The path of least resistance is a common direction for life to take. Nothing wrong with that. But the path of least resistance is not the path of growth."

My first yoga class in a very long time. *ooof*

I am missing the yoga teachers I had in the Lou. I miss their fluidity, their sense of humor, their heartiness, their midwestern tranquility, and the gentle imagery and spiritual poetry of their instruction.

La, P, M, J, C, Lu, but most of all I miss JT. If you are interested in a spot of yoga in the Lou consider checking out: Dogtown Yoga or St. Louis Yoga Source and if you prefer a more vigorous kind of yoga YogaDoc has sweaty good ashtanga classes where you will be surrounded by friendly happy people.

Two days ago someone told me that my deeply beloved St. Lou has suffered terribly from bad storms. There is no power, riot and murder in the streets and a declaration of Martial law. I have tried calling my parents for three days now and get no answer. Should I worry? I'll keep calling for a bit and see.

There was this other time when they did not realize that their phone service was out. I actually faxed them a letter on the other phone line:
"Dear Mom and Dad, you don't pick up the phone when I call. Are you okay?"
which gave them the heads up. Unfortunately they do not have a separate fax line anymore.

After an absence of internets at home I am staying up and bingeing on beloved blogs trying to catch up. Sooo much has happened in the past couple months. I have missed it all and am still playing catch up.

But I should be sleeping. The work world requires alertness at the worst times of the day. And as it is required we try to conform. On my very first day at Big Scienceville (TM) I became a coffee drinker. I would not make it through the day without it.

I cracked a joke on my first day about writing about the internal workings of Big Scienceville(TM) on my blog. My boss was excessively not amused. And then my roomate (also a blogger) sends me a link to the BBC article about getting dooced *shiver*

There is so much more I want to say but I am supposed to get up in 5 hours,, get ready, get on the @ train switch to the % train and put in a full looking day at BS(TM). The boss will be back and I will offer up my services towards the less glamorous kind of work that folks in the department feel needs to really get done. =P

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The circus life

I wrote an entire "My Life as Miss Mystech" tour diary and if you would like to see the over-written, under-edited remembrances of the girl behind the curtain click here. You'll also see the neurotic ramblings of a girl who tried to write a novel in November of 2005. I warn you that you had to be there ... and if you were you'd remember it differently.

A quick summary:
We played at these venues:
Thunderbird CoffeeHouse
the Garfield Artworks Gallery
the Barclay house
PA's Lounge
The Milestone the Milestone's myspace
Ground Zero
Ground Zero's myspace
Baba Budans in Cincinnati, OH
the Black Sheep Cafe

We played with these bands:
The Emotron
the Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine
Me Just Being Me
Spiff and Krisis
Army of Kashyyk
The Cheapshot
PB Army
The Situation
Math the Band
Catherine Cavanaugh of Chop Chop
the Afrosheen Explosion
the Press
JT and the Blame
the Mean Girls
the Kare Bare Mafia
The Rot Aways

I got introduced or reintroduced to these new things/people: donor kit
The House of Cosby
the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny
george washington
Plug In Music
Fast Piece of Furniture
Quatre Tete
the Mathematicians
Wonder Showzen
M.C. Donald's

Dude takes bad ass pictures


Springfield will rub Freezepops on your chest.
Cincinnati joined us for a conga line
Marietta - the girls are frisky. Very frisky.
Spartanburg is full of hugs, booze and beautiful women.
Charlotte took my hand.
Takoma Park sits quietly through the show, even if you light your crotch on fire. But they offer great hospitality after.
Boston - some rock out every night. 'cuz that's how they roll!
Philly is sweet and surly.
Baltimore loves games and crafts.
Temperance gave us pancakes and plungers.
Jackson offered to take us home and keep us.

Touring made me feel like a badass and forced me to live in the moment.
I got to piss in the woods, meet new people, and hear new bands.
The downside of touring is too much time driving, the amorphous downtime between acts , no chance to really see the places you are visiting, and too much junk food.

Who you go on tour with is so important and I was lucky to have excellent travel companions.

I like jumping around and singing my guts off.

It's cool staying at other people's homes.
I like seeing people in their element, seeing how people live.
And I am touched by the kindness of strangers and the love of their pets.

There are a lot of really talented artistic people in this country. Everywhere you turn from Toledo to Takoma Park.

Bands like free meals - feed the bands. They like having somewhere to crash. They like drink tickets, internet access and a clean towel. Oh, and they like it when you let them do laundry at your place.

It's really hard to break even much less make money.

Bring a towel, socks, and a sheet/blanket. Most other stuff you can probably pick up on the road if you need it. Finding a ways to dry your toothbrush is tricky.

The price of admission doesn't really pay the bands. Buying a t-shirt/sticker/CD/DVD pays the bands.

I am a little too old to do this. It can be pretty grueling. After travel, a show, and a bite to eat I rarely had the energy to party much less hang or carry on a conversation.

Having a DVD player in your minivan is sweet. Playing shows with good (and/or) nice bands is also sweet.

Mad love to the Mystechs with warm wishes for their tours of the West Coast and Texas. I blow kisses in your general direction. And mad love to The Emotron as well.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I want to read all about it on your LJ, your LJ

I was going to do a series of posts about going on tour as a Mystech. One post for each day of the tour. But it just seems like the wrong place for it. SFMD would shoot me for all the impossibly long posts that consist of merely me flushing things out of my brain.

I'll try to cobble something pithy together. Promise. There are too many bands and venues to pimp for me to not say something.

In the meantime I am blowing you kisses from Brooklyn.