Wednesday, July 26, 2006

the mixology of others + shots

S is a friend of L's who is a friend of E's. And S has a passion for food and drink. He rhapsodized at length about his favorite doughnuts - the chocolate cake donut and the marble krueller. He also described two of his favorite mixed drinks. I think right now they lack names but perhaps soon I will come in and edit this post with names.

S's concoction #1 A Licorice Grin

Pernod (or sambuca if you have no pernod handy)
Club soda
a lemon wedge
on the rocks

squeeze the lemon into the rest and stir.
drop the lemon into the glass.

It's fan-fucking-tastic.

S's concoction #2

Brandy (the cheap cheap stuff)
OJ frozen concentrate (FrOJ)

mix the brandy and the FrOJ into a slurry
take some spoons of that and throw it into a glass with
Squirt (regular or ruby red)

This, I have not had but S says that you can drink it all night. Sounds dangerous but for now, we take him at his word.

He was speculating about swapping Limeade or Lemonade concentrate for the FrOJ. Any drink testers in the audience?

Added to all of this I wanted to mention

Tequila shots a la Kale

Take an orange slice (or a tangerine slice) and dust it with cinnamon
Shoot the tequila and finish with the cinnamon orange.

Kale said that such shots are done in Mexico. I can only say for myself that they are brilliant. They can be done without the cinnamon but are much better with. Done this way there is no after taste. You won't even remember that you had a tequila shot


MomVee said...

I can never remember tequila shots.

Except my first. That one I remember, because I saw it so soon afterwards.

ergo said...

momvee: Oh my. That sounds like a story in itself.