Monday, August 14, 2006

zero to sixty in seconds

"Life is about the moment" he says leaning in towards her.

"I disagree," she says, "I think life is about character. The important thing is to live life in a way that is true to the self."

At which point he accuses her of being judgemental and narrow minded putting her on the defensive.

"memory is oxygen for life," he said taking her hands and pulling her close.

"I don't agree," she replies. "What sustains the fire of life is love and hate, hunger, need, tears and conflict, passion, obsession, obligation, greed, laughter ..."

"So you agree with me," he said placing his hands on her waist. "Look into my eyes. Tell me what you think." His hands slide from her waist to her ass.

Clearly, he doesn't care what she thinks as he pulls her in closer still - insisting that he knows her mind better than she does.

Really, he thinks that he can tell her what she thinks and what she desires. He tells her that he is what she desires. And thinks that if he says it enough, she will accept it to be true. If he says it enough she will let down her guard and take him. Perhaps she might even allow herself to be taken too.

All this in a span of minutes in the kitchen after meeting.


Is it too much to ask that the Bastard take her for dinner and drinks first?


ldbug said...

cool, you're a good this real?

ergo said...

ldbug: aww yer sweet.
does it matter?
; )

BeckyBumbleFuck said...

Looks like things are steamy in the city...I need a bigger download...I want more after that little tease of a post. ;)

ldbug said...

Sure it matters!! How else can I tease? kidding:-)

Still, good post..

ergo said...

BBFK and ldbug: the reality pales in comparison. i promise.