Thursday, August 10, 2006

never enough Z's

I would like to see a new sleeping pill on the market.
The sleeping pills currently available are designed to
help you fall asleep.
I want a pill that makes me feel alert and rested.
A pill that could replace sleeping or stave off the
desire for it.

Cuz right now. It's all I can think about.
Placing my wee head on the pillow and closing my eyes
and having that dream where I slide down the world's
longest slide (which is probably in Florida), the air
rushing through my hair and at the bottom I fly out
and float down into the soft dark embrace of sleep.


It's my own damn fault. I should just get to bed
earlier. *shrug*


ldbug said...

Silly Roommate, staying up too late, and actually being responsible in getting to work on time! Really, I go to bed before midnight but am still tired every morning.(actually didn't fall asleep till gone 2am last night, ick!!)

ergo said...

Ach. Tell me about it.

Yer doing much better on that front these days.