Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mitral Valve Repair

Charlie Rose has had heart surgery. He was in Syria to interview the President Assad and started to have shortness of breath. His surgery happened in Paris where he is now recovering.

The show goes on without him. But of course it is not the same.

People of Paris, I know you are caught up in your current labor and student protest but please, please, please take care of our Charlie, Paris. We cannot lose him. Not yet.


Groucho Castaneda said...

Hang in there, Charlie... Tavis isn't ready!!!

Frankly, I find Tavis' TV program far too fluffy, and his questions too softball. And while Charlie doesn't exactly play hardball, at least he'll throw his guests some curves. Is Tavis' radio show any better?

I'd point to Jon Stewart as the hope of the future, but as well informed as he is, I'd like to have an actual journalist as my late-night news-talk buddy, not a comedian.

ergo said...

Tavis does seem to be groomed for that slot. He's not bad. I hear from folks that his radio show is actually very good.

I kinda like Kai Ryssdal on the radio show American Marketplace. He's sharp and sassy and would probably look okay on screen.

The Motley Fool guys do some interesting non-business radio interviews as well. I like how they summarize the key point their guests make with that utterly amazed inflection to their voices.