Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Home Cooking

My Mom doesn't cook Korean food. She doesn't cook American food (whatever that might be.). She is not tied to any genre. She just cooks. It's a fusion of what she's made before, recipes she runs across, recipes her friends give her, and the memory of food once eaten. Whatever her process is, when it comes to the table it's great.

People might laugh at having a sliced apple and muenster cheese sandwich or shredded lettuce on top of a crazy broth soup. But I assure that each is not to be missed.

Tonight she made sweet bean puffs.

Take refrigerated crescent roll dough and a package of sweet red bean paste.
Unroll the dough.
Place a spoon full of bean paste on each triangle.
Wrap the dough into a pocket
Press the seams shut.

Bake at recommended temperature for 11-13 minutes.

Oh my god. Maybe you're not a sweet red bean fan. In which case, don't bother. But if you are. Oh my god.
I'm sure that it could be made with from scratch pastry dough for those of you who are hardcore/oldschool.

I don't know where she comes up with this stuff. So simple and so totally yum.


MomVee said...

Oh yum. My sister-in-law, devotee of the sweet red bean ice cream, will thank you.

BeckyBumbleFuck said...

Mmmmm, sounds excellent! I would do this, but I think it may be very hard to find the bean paste... *swears at this uncultured town*

Kat E said...

I have *tried* to like the red bean paste. But alas, true enjoyment usually escapes me...

side note: BBFK, thought of you while passing several bubble tea places in the east village last weekend...culture isn't terribly far away I guess :)