Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All was not lost

I am very fond of my Facebook feed.  I am lucky to be acquainted to with many brilliant, insightful, well-read, curious and hilarious people.  So many interesting thing to read and absorb.  But it all flashes by so quickly.  Months later, if I try to recall something from an article that a friend posted on Facebook and if I want to refer to the article to refresh my memory - how do I find it?

Can I remember which friend it was?  Can I recall how long ago it was posted?  Did I "like" it?  Can I find this "like" amongst a sea of other "likes"?  Did I share it?  Did I send it to someone?  Did I bookmark it?  Did I save it in a file?  Did I paste it into an email?

Facebook does not care.  Not in the least.  Their pathetic excuse for search makes me furious.  I curse and try scrolling back through time, through my timeline, my news feed.  Every time the damn thing updates, the scrolling gets messed up if I pause.   And then I am back to leaning on the down arrow key or the END key or the PGDN key.  Hoping that things won't scroll by so quickly that I miss it.  This does not always work.  Sometimes, the post I want is not displayed because Facebook assumes that it is not of interest to me.  And sometimes, Facebook craps out on me and refuses to scroll back any further in time.

Twitter is at least as bad, perhaps worse.

These sites are punchline / headline sites.

I was looking for a particular blog tonight, a blog that I had read several posts from in June.  Those posts had lead me to this site, which I found really interesting.

I started to lose hope but then, I found it.  I found it through my Google Chrome history triangulated with a few emails and gchats about a different website that this one led me to discover.

The blog is a bit different from what I remember.  Still, I am thrilled to be reunited.  To know that all was not lost.

But I've got to stop relying on them for information and start hanging out with more reputable sources.

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