Friday, May 25, 2012

Losing what I never had

I have this stupid instinct to wave at strangers who are waving at me.  Except that they are never waving at me. They are waving at other people.  It would be fine if they were standing with a crowd of strangers.  I could just pretend to be waving at someone else.  But I do not pretend, instead I lamely bring my hand down to my hair as if I had intended to fiddle with it but overshot by a mile.

Today my stupid instinct caused me not only to wave but to walk over to the handsome young Frenchman who was waving and beckoning to his mother.

I might have to get a tattoo on the inner part of my right arm that reads:
When a stranger waves at you:
1. Do not wave back.
2. Do not smile.
3. Ignore and go on with your business
4. If he's cute and age appropriate, look behind and around you.
    a. If there is someone behind or around you, see 1.
    b. If there is no one behind or around you, smile and then see 1.
It's not complicated.  I just always forget that I am not Jessica Alba and handsome strangers are not going to wave at me.

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