Monday, January 03, 2011

A last good bye to 2010

I've been trying to recall what happened in 2010. It's all so fuzzy. It was fuzzy as it was happening and now, even more so. But for some reason I am compelled to recap. I'm going to blame the Christmas letters that I received. (Let me insert here that they are delightful.) I am not so organized as to be able to do one, but if I were, what would be on it?

In 2010

1. I saw the Canstruction competition
2. I watched someone make stone tools at a wine and cheese reception at the NYAS
3. I saw a few really stellar science talks at the Secret Science Club, one in particular: Iain Couzin
4. I turned 40
5. I threw a Cougar Cotillion
6. I had jury duty, was selected and served, they settled out of court.
7. I accosted Malcolm Gladwell. He was so kind about it.
8. I was a mermaid in the Mermaid Parade
9. I went to a roller derby bout
10. I helped one friend move three times
11. I played a cafe show at the 92nd Street Y
12. I bought a bike
13. I played D&D for the first time ever
14. I met someone I like. He wasn't into it. Hey, them's the breaks.
15. I went to NEXT HOPE 2010
16. I went to the Open Video Conference
17. I worked for a week in the UK
18. I got to experience the Momofuku Bo Saam Pork Butt meal (amazing)
19. I caulked, weatherstripped and weatherized all the winders in my apartment and spackled a giant gape in the bedroom wall
20. I rode the 35 mile version of the New York Century ride
21. I went to a Moth Story Slam
22. I played Tranny Bingo
23. I took a pole dancing class
24. I saw the Magna Carta and a Guttenberg bible
25. I walked in the Greenwich Village Halloween parade
26. I worked in Germany for a week
27. I went to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear
28. I reconnected with some very dear old friends
29. I went to Niagara Falls, Ontario
30. I saw BBFK get married (YAY!)
31. I crashed and burned in Nanowrimo Only got to 15,000 words.
32. Tried laser hair removal (hated it)
33. Prepped and printed 1500 name badges for one event
34. I got a smartphone
35. I attended SantaCon, as a Santa
36. I witnessed Santa-on-Santa violence
37. I won money in the office raffle and promptly spent it all on booze and nonsense
38. I baked an apple pie from scratch
39. I have come to terms with the fact that I am a hoarder and must monitor this tendency vigilantly
40. I attended the Hackers 15th anniversary party
41. I found an alternate way to get into a headstand in yoga. Now I can do a headstand!

It would probably look better if I used full sentences, threw in some pictures, and cut this list down to 10 items or less.

Mostly, Life led me around by the nose and to nowhere in particular. Perhaps I spent too much of it tortured and longing for love.

It happens. I've had worse things happen in a year.

And now on to 2011.

Wishing you all a Wonderous 2011. Let's kick some ass.

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