Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In place of what I started to want to say

I want to complain.

I am not supposed. Apparently I am supposed to either suffer in silence, retrain my thoughts and perspectives to turn that frown upside down, or I am supposed to take action to improve my situation. Complaining is not allowed by friends, colleagues, family. I am allowed to complain silently to myself in my head but not on my blog. I am not even supposed to sigh. Sighing is apparently complaining. And there is no complaining.

Other people complain. But either they have good legitimate reasons to or no one likes them because of it. And because I want to be liked. I am not supposed to complain.

But I really want to.

So instead I have decided to do that thought redirection thing. I have decided to give myself a medal 4 breathing.

You can have it too. Let's share it.

I am awarding us this medal 4 breathing. According to today's wikipedia, the average human breathes 12-20 times a minute. 720-1200 times an hour. 17,280-28,800 and hour. That is a lot of air. Good job. High five to meritorious breathing. Keep up the good work.


MomVee said...

But, but...aren't blogs FOR complaining? Complain all you like. I'll be here listening.

ergo said...