Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hijacked by Hyperbole

I am completely obsessed with the illustrated blog: Hyperbole and a Half.

It started with this post JY sent me. "Internet Forever!"

I read a few posts, almost died laughing. I, then, sent this post about a brick to a few co-workers.

After this I kinda wandered off to chew on my hands.

But recently KvS posted a link about cats on the facebook. It broke my brain.

I emailed it to a bunch of people and just sat by my computer refreshing my inbox waiting for laughter and praise to be sent back to me in reply. I am still sitting by my computer and waiting like a jittery, excitable dog. It's been two days and I've only received two very curt email replies. This can only mean one thing. Everyone else died of laughter.

The other two must have recently had extensive and very painful dental work.

If I was forced to write an essay called "What I did on my summer vacation," four days into mine, the key elements would be:

1. visited the parents
2. set up Dad's new e-reader
3. went to Walmart
4. had dinner
5. played pinball with L
6. ate a lot of cheese
7. obsessively read Hyperbole and a Half until my eyeballs fell out and got the worst internet hangover of my life.

I am still reading. I have four months of 2009 left to devour in the archive. I am beyond the point of laughing. It's starting to irreparably damage my brain. I will never try to be funny again. My efforts are futile. This blog is dead serious. It always has been. I am not kidding.

Hyperbole is my favorite thing in the world (to the consternation and disapproval of most of the men I have dated and the boss of my current boss). It is a primary mode of interaction in my family. Allie Brosh may not have won the internet yet, but she is definitely the boss of Hyperbole.

My parents are prying my fingers off the laptop right now to come interact with them. I forgive them only because they gave me life.

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