Sunday, January 31, 2010

B-Sprout conversions

I have very recently been converted from hating to loving brussel sprouts. By BE. I was super skeptical but then I had one and it was a revelation.

What he does is:
"Cut brussel sprouts in half. drizzle on olive oil and get all liberal with some salt and pepper and garlic powder. bake @ 375 for 35 minutes. amaaaazzzzing."

They pop and sizzle in the oven. And when they get brownish/blackish, when they are super tender, they lose that horrible brussel sprout aftertaste that everyone is always trying to drown out with lemon or vinegar. With enough cooking they mellow out and are tender and a little bit sweet.

And now I am obsessed with them. They have replaced broccoli as my go-to vegetable.

This also works in a stir fry context. You slice them each into 3 or 4 rounds, throw them in a pan with a good amount of olive oil, throw plenty of salt, pepper and garlic powder on them and then cook them until there's a browning / slight blackening.

Today I baked some until they were mushy soft, put them on a nice piece of wheat bread and chowed down. Delightful.

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