Friday, August 28, 2009

CSSF part 3, post-post

I am partly done with the bedroom. Partly done. pant. pant. sigh. There is a lot of cleaning, moving to clean around, moving back and moving more stuff to make way to do more cleaning. That and the distraction of instant movies on Netflix.

"Am I straight, am I gay?
And I realized, I'm just slutty.
Where's my parade?
What about Slut Pride?" - Margaret Cho

LOL! I have not seen Margaret Cho's act since her TV show. It's damn funny. Her impression of her mother is nothing like my mother but brings on a wave of homesickness nonetheless and makes me want to call home.

Amongst the things watched as a movie called "Trojan War" which is a teen comedy which is a cross between "After Hours", "Adventures in Baby", and "Some Kind of Wonderful". It's a so-so movie. But it does have a beautiful cameo by Anthony Michael Hall. If the whole movie was like that scene, it would have been a cult classic.

When I got back to my house on Friday morning, there was a sunflower hanging from the front door knob. I removed it form the knob. let myself in and put it back. It is only now that I wonder whether it was for me. I assumed that it was for BB or JB. If you happen to have left a fleur for me, I'm sorry that I haven't thanked you. You didn't leave a note, Dork, none of us can thank you. And no. This is not me hinting around for dead vegetation.

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