Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Compelling reason #65 for going into scientific research

My friend JP sent me a link to this video in response my emailing him the Bio-Rad video.

I sent the link to CK which precipitated the following chat:

Me: if only science were really like this
CK: oh my god
Me: I know.
Me: I would have 10 phd's by now or have died of laughter. literally.
CK: Oh. My. God.
CK: oh my god. I LOVE it!!!!!!! you wouldn't have 10 phD by now you'd still be working on your first one
CK: you'd never leave grad school and about now, AM and I would be joining you


Kat E said...

Remember back when we were in grad school and all we had were quirky drunken professors who'd play in bands once or twice a year? Things have really progressed. I guess that's the nature of science, eh?

ergo said...

I am in favor of this kind of progression.