Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Happy New Year

It is the Thai New Year today. I am catching the tail end of it.

To celebrate, I went back to A's yoga class which has become more impossibly hard than it was a few months ago. Murderous. I walked out of it, looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "Look at that happy face. Who the hell is she?" Well apparently, she is me after A's impossibly strenuous yoga class.

And then I had one crunchy taco at Taco Bell because I had a little over a dollar in my purse and because I had a powerful craving for that yummy plastic nonsense.

Which is probably not traditional but it was a good night nonetheless.

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MomVee said...

What kind of sickos are we? My reward for finishing taxes today is pilates-yoga fusion class.

Sometimes I think Taco Bell is heaven. Where else can you get something so good for a little over a dollar?