Monday, July 02, 2007

back to life, back to reality

The previous post was number 666. And coincidentally, on tour I sang a Mystechs song called "Sweet 666Teen."

It's hard to know where to start and what to say. It's hard to know what not to say too. The innocent and the wicked each clamor for the protection of silence. ; )

I was not as prepared this time. My performances were uneven. There were moments where I disappointed myself but in turn there were also times when I surprised myself and in a good way. There is more touring to come in August and I will be more prepared by then. Perhaps with better preparation there will be more space created for the unexpected.

Towards then end of the tour I skipped a date and went to a wedding. There is much to say about this as well. And again hard to know what to say. It was really strange to be back in Champing-Urbanana. A stroll down ten years of living. Ten years in which a lot happened. My mind was brought to ponder my most disasterous love affair and surprisingly it was not from the year 2005. Go figure.

And I am sorry to report that the guy I had decided should be my future husband has a gorgeous really awesome girlfriend who he will marry. Ah well. As RJ might say to that with a shrug ... "Them's the breaks."

But mostly and most importantly, it was really wonderful to be in the presence again of good friends. To see the loving community of people with whom I was lucky enough to spend time when I lived and loved in Urbanana.

I rolled into the office today to find 39 unread work emails waiting for me and several others to be attended to. My head's pretty fragmented today. I remembered to pack office friendly clothing but I forgot to pack nice shoes and I forgot my work ID and access card. So I can't leave my desk to go pee, b/c I will have no way to get back in.

And under my desk I have lace up leather boots and sweat drenched clothes that attest to what just happened.

Warning: this message may self destruct over the next few days.


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