Saturday, November 04, 2006

stuff and more stuffness

A personal New York first - I saw a super drunk guy puke on the train. He tried to get off the train but his friends wouldn't let him because it was one stop too early. And after the doors closed he spewed.

And half the train including ldbug and myself rushed to the other side of the car and switched subway cars at the next stop.
I think he knew which stop to get off from. He wanted to get off because he was feeling so sick.

The car we ran into was also being occupied by a young man with a guitar who could actually play and sing quite well. So that was a welcome thing.

ldbug and I were invited last minute to a Sausage Fest in Greenpoint. As Greenpoint is a very Polish part of town, we were unsure whether the invite indicated that the party would be a room full of sausages or a room full of "sausages." We will never know b/c we had a previous engagement to have dinner with nanowrimers. There was hearty ukranian food to be had and guilt. Three days into it and I have maybe 100 words.

Favorite New York Picture to Date:

where's waldo

Found him ... er ... her ... er ... them.

Had I been paying more attention to the things that really matter I probably would have signed up for nablopomo instead of nanowrimo this year. The brightside is that there's lots to read from momvee.
Go, V, Go!

I think one of these months I am going to set out to read 100 blogs. I think it was something that I read about at the Pink Lemonade Diva's blog about Jennifer Garrett's blog. I think the RM will get pretty close to reading 100 blogs this year. I've got a long way to go if I want to catch up.

Congrats are in order to misswg who has brought a lovely baby girl into this world!


MomVee said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Ergo!

We, the Internets, want to know more about _your_ costume...

ergo said...

My pleasure.

I will get on the costume report forthwith!