Friday, April 29, 2005

It is Friday and I have at least one parking ticket by now. My life is a constant struggle with the University parking bitches, and those of the city of Champing and Urbanana. Everytime I pay a parking ticket, I think to myself "that's money that could be spent on a CD." Of course I have racked up enough of them over the years to have paid for a trip to Barcelona.

I got an unsolicited e-newsletter in which they had an interview with a guy who wrote a book about parking. About how the costs of parking are much higher than what we feed the meter - how parking and driving are costing this world far too much. I believe it. But I still do it.

There is a long list of shoulds peering over my shoulder. DR pointed out to me that there are maybe five people on this planet who will ever read my thesis and for this reason I should just crap the thing out and get on with my life.

Very sound advice.

Despite it, I intend to go see a night of one-act plays tonight called "On the Rocks." It's a thing that happens every year around this time. A bunch of undergrads get together and put on a series of one-act scenes outside in this ampitheater type venue. I have meant to see it every year since I got here. And this year I am going - just try and stop me.

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