Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Continuing education

The Brooklyn Kitchen, perhaps known to some of you as The Meat Hook, in Williamsburg offers cooking classes.

LV pointed this out to me and we signed up for the pizza making class.

The guys teaching (from Roberta's) were really great - funny, knowledgeable, friendly. As might be expected, they were passionate about pizza. It was a hands on class. We each had our own station and ingredients. Everyone had an apron. They served beer. You can't really ask for more.

We spent the first part of the class making dough and the second part taking dough that had been proofed and making pizza.

The pizzas were delicious.

Everyone took their dough home to make pizzas with.

Mine did not turn out nearly as well as the ones in class:

To begin, I think I should have divided the dough last night. Maybe coat it with a little olive oil to keep from drying out. And let it warm up to room temp before even trying to handle it. Tip of the iceberg.

Clearly I need LOTS more practice. My track record with bread type things is not so hot. Lots more practice. LOTS!!!!

Still, it was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I'm definitely interested in taking another class there.


At 12:06 AM, January 24, 2011, Blogger searchingforMrDarcy said...

glad you had fun


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