Saturday, April 30, 2005

Self control in the face of temptation

I went with JD to the mall b/c she wanted to buy shoes. I love shoes. I have over 60 pairs. (maybe closer to 90) But in my current broke state I cannot buy them. She sat in one store for 90 minutes trying to decide between butterscotch and navy colored dansko clogs. It was how I imagine a recovering alcoholic might feel at the company christmas party. Temptation everywhere. Beautiful, beautiful shoes!

*To be fair 95% of women reading this will think these shoes are ugly. But I strongly believe in comfortable shoes that don't cause damage.*

I showed remarkable self control by not buying
or these:
or these:
or these:
or these:
Caterpillar, the construction machinery company makes some extremely cutes shoes.
like these:
thankfully these:
were not stocked in my size.


At 7:46 PM, May 04, 2005, Blogger BeckyBumbleFuck said...

I can vouch *fer sure* that you already own at least 2 pairs of shoes that look *exactly* like 2 of the ones above....
You are a shoe monster...

At 7:54 PM, May 04, 2005, Blogger ergo said...

'cmon now, subtle differences can be meaningful ...
especially where shoes are concerned.


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