Wednesday, September 01, 2010

When you get that mood indigo

And you feel so lonesome you could die.
And you're just a soul who's bluer than blue can be.

The Universe via the internet can offer ample evidence that you are not alone.

Big Poppa E expresses for you the loneliness, longing for love and companionship. Squishing your heart while he does.

"I have fallen in love with 106 girls who are absolutely perfect for me except for one fatal flaw, they didn't love me back." - Big Poppa E

Tanya Davis offers insight and wisdom on How to Be Alone. Ways to relish and savor it as a pleasure, not a punishment. (Hat tip to Ze Frank)

Nina Simone points out what she ain't go and what she do. And you can follow along and tick off in your mind what you ain't got and what you do. In the case of she and I, we both have boobies.

There is comfort in knowing that this is shared, to know that you are, as the Police might say, "not alone in being alone". It is not the same as the comfort that comes from holding the one you love or being held. Or the comfort of breathing the same air in the same room.

Still, it is a comfort to know that it won't kill you. On some days, that is more than just enough. It's everything.


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