Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Price and worth

On a few occasions in conversation recently I've had one friend or another tell me that they don't want drama in their lives and so are avoiding a person or a situation or falling into a pattern or dynamic.

I have frequently been of this mindset. I bailed on an outing for this very reason, very recently.

But depending on the circumstances, it's worth it. Where you are, what it is, what you need, what it offers.

Some things are worth the drama associated with them. Some people are worth the drama that they cause, the drama that they bring. As JY's friend Ax once said in another context, "It's the price of admission." In some case, a part of the value of the thing itself.

In these cases, it is for you to decide what a thing is worth to you. And how long you inhabit, how long you hold. It is not for others to assess from the outside.


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