Tuesday, October 26, 2010

note to self

I can see the floor in one of my rooms. I am charging my cell phone and the dirt devil. I am going to have pasta with ratatouille and a chicken leg. And the sun is shining.

BBFK and Lever got married this weekend and I got to hang out with RL and meet the Wee Hoosier. And spent time with NL, the Family B and many many little girls.

Today I feel like shouting to the world, "Yay! My life is cool!"
I cannot recall feeling this way ever. Or at least for a very long time.
It will pass, no doubt.

But there it is, at this moment on this day at this point in my life.

I might get up the guts to go out on my bike today. (at which point I will start to hate pedestrians, cars and riders and this little moment of euphoria will pass)

But for now, Hooray.

Hug yourselves people. It is a great day to be alive.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

'tis the Season

Since the air has started to chill, I have wanted nothing more than to eat and eat and sleep. Over the course of this season, it is very likely that I will gain a megaton.

I shared this information with some co-workers in the elevator and the comment was that I sound like a bear preparing to hibernate.

Imagine how my out of office notification would read:

"Thank you for your email. I am hibernating in a cave, burning brown fat until Spring. I estimate that by late March or early April I will return and be ready to address your concern. Enjoy the Snow, Suckers. Respectfully, Ergo"

Friday, October 15, 2010


Today is Blog Action Day.

The topic is Water. I am ashamed to say that I do not know much about the water issue. Only that it is an issue and that people are dying from a lack of it or rather a lack of clean, safe water. I'll spend sometime this evening reading what other people are saying to see what I can learn.

Blog Action Day 2010: Water from Blog Action Day on Vimeo.