Sunday, May 09, 2010

Really Big Words

I liberated three shirts and three books today. I put them out on the stoop and was gratified to find that they were all snapped up in about an hour. If you knew what a packrat I am, you'd know what a big deal this is. One of the books I had picked up off the stoop of another person. Yay, it goes around and goes around again.

On the way back from an very excellent hat-based Brunch, I stopped at a box on a stoop and found a box labeled: "magnetic poetry REALLY BIG WORDS."

I could not resist picking it up. I could always use a vocabulary builder.

I pick up the case and open it. To see that the words are short but the magnets with the words on them are VERY LARGE. The longest word in the box is "different."

Naturally, I could not just leave them on the street there. I had to take them home, box and all.